Friday, February 8, 2008

Pakistan: "The Maverick Conservative" 1,000,156 Evil Media -0

"Scotland Yard said in a report released Friday that Pakistan's opposition leader Benazir Bhutto died as a result of a suicide bomb blast, not a gunshot - findings that support the Pakistani government's version of the events."

Remember this blog's entry about the disgraceful media coverage over this SPECULATION about the exact manner of Bhutto's death (as if it mattered)?  Remember how this blog said that the best thing Pakistan did was call in--NOT the U.N.--Scotland Yard?  Yet again, this blog has proven a better guide than the desipcable mainstream media in this country.

The (AMERICAN) media is again exposed for the truly despicable "journalists" they are--the despicable Associated Press leading the pack.

Remember all of those videos "proving" that Bhutto was killled by a gunshot?  Then there is the bigger problem:  WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?  The ides that there were TWO assassination plots is ridiculous--preposterous.  So the ONLY purpose of making a big deal out of the gunshot was to try to discredit the "credibility" of the present government of Pakistan.  Whether Bhutto was killed as a result of the bomb (now really certain) or a gunshot, the SAME people killed her,.  It is more important to identify those people (behind the plot).

Then there are Heillary Clinton and the Democrats who virtually called for a U.N. investigation (certalinly an "international" one).  You can't get any more STUPID than that.  The whole idea has been exposed, now, as the POLITICAL PLOY that it always was--as if the U.N. were competent to conduct a criminal investigation inside a sovereign country.  In fact, it is the WORST precedent imaginable to advance the idea that that U.N. is supposded to inivestigate every time a pollitical figure is assassinated (except, of course, when done by a repressive, ANTI-AMERICAN regime like Russia (even today) or Iran.

Nope.  Leftists have this view of the U.N., AND of the "international community", that is FANTASY.  The U.N. is composed mainly of corrupt, repressive countries.  Did we really want the U.N. investigating the assassination of RFK or JFK?  The problem is that loony leftists will answer "YES".  That is because they are loons.

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