Monday, February 18, 2008

NIU Killer: Media's Disgraceful Promotion/Encouragement Contnues

It ws Dan, I believe, who commented on this blog that we would have few mass killers if the media did not publicize them so much after each killing (encouraging the next one to achieve "fame" the same way). 

Yep, the pandering focus on the NIU killer is continuing today--giving him as much publicity as any mass killer could possibly want.  Meanwhile, the EIGHT people who died in a vehicle accident over the weekend have been promptly forgotten--not to mentioin that the five vitims of the NIU killer have not received nearly the attention the killer has (certalinly not on AOL).  Here is the featured CNN/AOL story lead for today:

"The girlfriend of the gunman who killed five people and then himself at Northern Illinois University last Thursday told CNN that there was "no indication he was planning something."  (Story goes on to mention the killer's name prominently, and more than once).

The media, including the despicable CNN and AOL, were nominees for my weekly "Flying Fickle Finger of Fate" award in my AOL blog, "The Maverick Conservative".  They were nominated for their PROMOTION/ENCOURAGEMENT of mass killers.  The nomination was actually made by a comment on the blog (although not specifically mentioning "the Finger"), nothing that we probably would have few mass killers if the media refused to even mention their name (much less print everything they wrote, or their "manifesto"--referring to the Unabomber).

This story is a perfect illustration.  EIGHT people were killed over the weekend in a vehicle (drag race related) accident--MORE than killed by this guy.  I predicted yesterday, on AOL,  that the vehicle accident would soon disappear from AOL, but not the NIU killer (who killed FEWER people).  Safe prediction, but still DISGRACEFUL promotion of killers.

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