Thursday, February 21, 2008

John McCain and the New York Times: Secret Conspiracy?

The New York Times ENDORSED John McCain for the Republican nomination.

Is this "Swift Boat" type (only worse) attempted smear of McCain part of a SECRET CONSPIRACY to get McCain elected?  Conservatives like myself do not much like McCain, although we (most of us) are willing to argue our POLICY differences, rather than resorting to SMEAR (see the archives of this blog; and this entry itself is, of course, a follow up to recent entries on the New York Times smear of McCain).

We conservatives took the New York Times endorsement of McCain as further evidence that McCain was not really on our side.   Is the New York Times trying to counter that by rallying conservatives to McCain with this obvious SMEAR?  Can the agenda of the New York Times really be to get John McCain elected President? 

No, I don't think so either.  I think this is jsut the predictable mainstream media trying to smear the certain Republican nominee (now that they don't have to worry much about any other Republican getting the nomination).  But it COULD have the effect I suggest.   It is about time that the mainstream media get their heads handed to them on a platter.

P.S.  Contrary to what you might think the above implies, I am NOT going to vote for John McCain, no matter what the mainstream media does in this election.  However, I am going to have FUN pointig out the lying hypocrites--primary agents today of the "politics of personal destructioin"--for who they are.  There is no doubt that will often make it appear that I am for McCain. This is especially true as McCain is almost going to have to be arguing for more conservative policies than his Democratic opponent.  Nevertheless, I can't regard it as a good thing for conservatives for McCain to be elected.  However, I argue issues, and concentrate a lot on why the media deserves nothing but your contempt.  That is going to make it seem most of this election year that I am on McCain's side.  So be it.   I am not going to change my style because of that.  You can be assured, however, that I will not vote for McCain.

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