Friday, February 8, 2008

Leftist Thinking, Continued

As readers of this blog are aware, I often import comments from elsewhere (usually from under AOL featured "news" articles), since I don't get many commments on this blog.  Here is yet another example,  proving the point of my last entry about leftists (the comment was posted right after mine under the Bhutto story on AOL):

"The "lone nut" theory again? I'd look at who benefitted and track that back, but of course this was a political murder so truth gets thrown out minute one. She threatened the power of the military, ISI, and US interests. Bin Laden was played by the CIA for years and funded through ISI. Take a wild flying guess who benefitted.
Take a wild flying look at who benefitted after Kennedy had his damn brains blown out. Do you really want to know, can you handle truth? Madeline Duncan Brown-LBJ's long time mistress talked before she died. EH Hunt told the truth about Johnson, and he was there, but they all were involved! Nixon, Cabell, HW Bush, Hoover, Carlos Marcello, the police, HL Hunt, Muchison, Jack Ruby, etc. etc. Operation 40 shooters-all CIA professionals and Dulles was in charge of the "Warren Commison". How about a real 911 investigation? Building 7, yeah."

Q.E.D.  LOONS.  (Thanks, by the way--I like to import comments from these boards for my AOL blog, "The Maverick Conservative"--not too many leftists brave enough to comment there; this comment makes my point just fine).

The above response is exactly as I wrote it.  I decided to leave in the parenthesis, even though it would be more rhetorically effective to just end with the word "LOONS". 

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