Friday, February 15, 2008

Obama and Guns: Leftist Thinking (continued)

Continuing my policy of exposing leftist (non) thinking by importing comments (usually from AOL), I repeat below some comments from AOL on my posts on Obama and gun control, along with my responses:

"skip3366 02:03:28 PM Feb 15 2008

Report This! Note that one of the guns used by this shooter was a SHOTGUN. Do gun control fantics (wno Obama is trying to cater to at the same time he tries to avoid angering gun owners--this is what as known as "bringing us together"--previously known as trying to be all things to all people, while saying NOTHING) want to BAN SHOTGUNS, RIFLES, and ALL GUNS? The dirty little secret is that gun control fanatics DO want to ban all guns."

The man simply states he supports private gun ownership, be happy! Why do have to imagine threats you don't have. Why can't you just accept what he says? He has not lied to us at this point that we know of, what ever happened to trusting what people say till they prove you can't believe them, thats how I approach all people, if they don't lie to me I trust them to be honest, if I see them lie I no longer believe them, in this way I don't assume people lie until I see that they do according to facts.

"His comment was "The country must do whatever it takes to eradicate gun violence." That is a general statement of purpose and conviction, not a specific promise."

Now the above is a statement worthy of Obama himself (anonymously posting here?).  The country "MUST do whatever it takes" (without, of course, "abolishing guns") when you KNOW that "eradicating gun violence" is impossible!!!!.  I repeat:  This is a LIE.  Or else totally STUPID.  But is "sounds good", doesn't it?

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