Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Roger Clemens: Dumb and Dumber

Who is dumber?

Is it Roger Clemens, for ASKING to appear before Congress to testify under oath--KNOWING that Bary Bonds, Marion Jones and others have been charged with PERJURY for similar testimony.  Marion Jones (I really can't get over this injustice) is going--or has already gone--to JAIL.  Her "crime"?  She LIED abouta something--steroid use--which was NOT a crime.

Or is it Congress, which held a HEARING just to examine the question of whether Roger Clemens is telling the truth,  and has now requested the Justice Department to consider filing PERJURY charges against Roger Clemens because of that exercise in Congressional stupidity.

When you reach this level of stupidity all of the way around, it is impossible to determine who is MORE stupid.  

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