Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ban Cars?

How dare I suggest banning cars?   Don't I know that PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE, and not cars?

The above was inspired by an AOL comment under today's story on the NIU shooter (a story which brought out all of the gun control fanatics, as well as people discussing what to do with the mentally ill--see my entries over the past few days about eliminating the insanity defense).  Here is the imported comment, and my response:

"7 Killed in Drag Race on Suburban Road, need to get these crazy drivers and the cars off the road too..."

42,000 plus people die each year iin traffic accidents.   If you really want to concentrate on where you could ave the MOST lives, that is where.  Our, and the media's,  hysterical, over-the-top reaction to these isolated incidents cannot be defended...

Ban cars?  OOPS!!!!  Radical environmentalists already want to do that.  I promised myself that I would not keep encouraging them.

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