Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Global Warming: Leftist Thinking Continued

Read my previous entry.  Then consider this comment (AFTER that earlier entry was posted here)--and my response:


"Climate change is occurring. Deny as much as you want :) while climates and temperatures vary and climate change occurs."

Notice the DISHONESTY here.  Is ANYONE denying that "climate change" occurs?   I occasionally print excerpts from the Ice Age Times (old "newspaper" unearthed in archeological dig to which I have excusive access at my AOL blog, "The Maverick Conservative)--excerpts usually quoting Al Gorice, Ice Age politician/prophet, talking about how the Ice Age is DOOMED (he was right). 

Do you realize that there is NO scientific theory of "climate change"?  There is no scientific theory predicting exactly how the climate is changing, and why (or how)  man has anything to do with it.  Any such theory would necessarily have to take into account ALL factors which go into changing climate. The issue here is MAN, and not whether the climate is changing (as it always is).  

"Global Warming" is a vague concept (not a coherent theory of climate) that greenhouse gases are heating up the atmosphere of the earth.  The ONLY EVIDENCE for this is a WARMING (consistent and accelerating warming).  Without that, there is NO EVIDENCE that man is causing "climate change". 

Why the change in terminology (propaganda) from "global warmng" to "climate change"?  It is because the PROAPGANDISTS behind "global warming" are getting NERVOUS that the warming trend is waning, while "climate change" will always be with us.

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