Friday, February 8, 2008

John McCain and the Ugly Woman

Male chauvinist pig, sexism WARNING:  This entry may cause feminists to have adverse health reactions--reading it may be hazardous to your health if you are a feminist, or even if you are just a woman.

There is an old joke.  Two men were talking about the type of women they would eac like to marry (this was before marriage pretty much went out of style, except for gays).  One man said:  "I would really like to marry a great looking woman, like Angelina Jolie, although not so feminist and leftist (editorial note:  I threw in that last part).  The other man replied:  "Not me.  I want to marry an ugly woman."  First man:  "why would you want to marry an UGLY girl?  Second man:  "If I marry a pretty girl, she will probably leave me." (editorial note:  WILL "leave me" is how I would have put it).  First man: "But an ugly woman might (ed.  WILL, or me) leave you too."  Sencod man:  "Yeah, but I wouldn't CARE."

Looking on the bright side of the John McCain situation, I can ENJORY this election.  I can trash leftists all I want. I can enjory them trying to smear McCain without looking like the smear merchants they are. I can watch the mainstream media turn on McCain.  I can look at it all as ENTERTAINMENT.  And I have no stake in the outcome.  It is like the "ugly woman."  I don't CARE if McCain loses.  In fact, I would prefer it.  But if he wins, leftists will be crushed to have another Republican in the White House. Plus, there is some CHANCE that he will appoint a good judge to the Supreme Court (I don't think so, but with a Democrat there is NO CHANCE). 

Even though this election is "lose-lose" for conservatiges, in a way it is also "win-win".  If John McCain loses, Mitt Romney will be set to pick up the pieces in 2012 (the pieces of a devastated country).  If John McCain wins, it may be conservatives and Republicans who are destroyed, and Democrats there to pick up the pieces.  BUT, Democrats and the media will surely be devastated THIS YEAR.  "Win-win".

P.S.  If you think that the political angle is just an excuse to let me repeat the old, sexist joke, you are RIGHT.

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