Monday, February 25, 2008

Hoa Tran: You Are a Kook If: (Tony edition)

I got this email today from my friend Tony (who has made isolated appearnaces on this blog by way of me quoting his emails--as he is not nearly brave enough to actually comment on the blog itself).  Here is the eamil, and my response--illustrationg that there are kooks out there verywhere, even among your friends (yes, I have admitted to at least one "kook" belief myself):

Tony: "Who said we don't have a viable choice in the Rebublican Party?  Screw McCain, I'm putting my money on HOA TRAN."


I have to admit that I have no idea who (or what) HOA TRAN is.  I thought McCain was causing ME to lose it.  As usual, I am in better shape than Tony.  A new entry for my "you are a kook if:" series: 
You ARE a kook if:
118:  You know who, or what, HOA TRAN is.


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