Saturday, February 16, 2008

Gun Control: More Leftist Thinking

See previous entry, to which this is a follow up, importing another comment from under the AOL story:

"The government must set a law requiring yearly scicological testing for gun owners.
Failure to conform to taking the test the gun owner would have to give the gun up.
The test would cost 50 dollars but it would be mandatory."

I'm sorry.  I apologize.  NASCAR just informed me that "Cars don't kill people; people kill people".  I'm SORRY I suggested banning cars (although a psychological/sociological test to drive a car isn't a bad....NO, I refuse to be seuduced into more of that "big brother" stuff).

What can I say.  NASCAR SCARES ME (a lot more than the NRA, although I don't cross them either).  Those dudes are tough, and then there are the FANS.  Nope.  I take it back.  Cars are GOOD things.

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