Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Barack Obama: Comment

As you should know, if you read this blog at all, I often import comments from elsewhere (even my friends and relatives tend not to put comments on this blog).  Following is an email I received from a friend of mine (Tony), perhaps in response to my blog entries on Barack Obama over the past few days:

"He scares the hell out of me.  He takes liberal to a whole new level.  What is most disturbing is he is driving a wedge between the haves and have nots in this country.  In his mind, if you have worked hard your entire life and have managed to accumulate a few assets, you are evil and have accumulated your wealth on the backs of the poor.  Check out Michelle Malkin for her take on Obama "Soul Fixer and Healer in Chief".

I agree that Obama is fully as much into class warfare as John Edwards, but the reason I believe he is dangerous is that he manages not to come across that way.  For example, Hillary Clinton comes right out and says that she regards the profits of oil companies as HERS, to use for the public good (for example, to fight "global warming').  Obama just does not say things that way.  Many people might argue with Tony that Obama is even that way.  Has Tony not heard Obama's speeches about "bringing us together"?

THAT is what scares me:  that so many people buy into those speeces, whch are filled with "feel good" platitudes designed to CONCEAL what Obama really believes.  Obama is MORE a captive of the extreme left of the Democratic Party than Hillary Clinton.  The fact that he has a far more attractive personality than her, and relates to people better, merely convinces me that I was RIGHT to endorse Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination.  Even though she is less attractive as a person, I regard Hillary Clinton as considerably less dangerous to the country.  Obama may be capable of selling snake oil, while HIllary Clinton is not. I would be much more confortable with the nightmare race of Clinton vs. McCain than Obama vs. McCain.  I can never vote for McCain.   But I can't vote for Obama.  I CAN vote for Hillary Clinton, even though I know many conservatives regard the mere thought of the Clintons being back in the White House as THEIR worst nightmare--the very reason I don't look on her as President with too much fear.  She automatically brings massive amounts of opposition with her.

I have said I will ENJOY this election, because I really don't care who wins (between McCain and a Democrat).  McCain winning would have SOME upsdies, even if I could never vote for him (at least unless he proved me wrong in a first term).  I am going to have trouble, however, enjoying the prospect of Obama becoming President.  GO HILLARY.

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