Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Global Warmng Propagandists to Critics: Shut Up

"Global warming" relitios zealots (officially now including Mayor Bloomberg of NYC, who compares the likely effects of "global warming to "terrorism", and thereby seems to consider opponents of this religion as "terrorists") REFUES to debate the subject.   Their line is that the matter is SETTLED (Al Gore--the high priest himself--has directly told opponents to shut up). 

Threfore, it is okay for "global warming" propaganda to "politicize the weather.  But it is NOT oikay, in their view, for opponets of "global warming' to point out when the weather contratidicts the "predictions" of "global warming".   Here is a case in point, as I import another comment from AOL (appearing right after mine under the AOL story on snow and ice in the Ohio Valley, although also after a few more off point posts about political candidates):

"Hey, did anyone notice that this article was about a storm in the Ohio Valley and not a chance to spout off about your likes and dislikes about presidential candidates, etc?"

All right, Presidentail candidates are only tangentially involved with this story (ALL of the elading ones, including McCain, buy into the FRAUD of "global warming"--which is likely to ruin our economy destroy the rain forests, take food from the poor, AND destroy BEER).

But it is not ME that POLITICIZED the WEATHER. It is the "global warming" fanatics who have blamed everything from hurricanes to brush fires to heat waves on "global warming". When the weather can be "spun" to support such junk, you get media PROPAGANDA in support of "global warmnig". The ONLY way to try to coutner that propaganda is to point out when the weather does NOT support "global warming" "thoery" (it is NOT a true scientific "theory" of climate, but a vague concept being used for political purposes).

In case I was ambiguous, I will clarify. It is NOT "globeal warming" itself that is going to ruin our economy, destroy the rain forests, take food from the poor and desroy BEER. It is those fanatics--such as Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John McCain--urging us to do something about the FALSE "crisis" of "global warming" that are going to accomplish there wonderful things. You can add to the list Mayor Bloomberg of New York City, who just equated "global warming" with "terrorism"--saying that "global warming" may kill us all. Uh-huh. It may kill us all if the people pushing this FRAUD thavetheir way, assuming that snow and ice don't do the job first.

Won't it be WONDERFUL if Mayor Bloomberg joins the Presidential race as an independent (following the trail blazed by that OTHER lunatic, Ross Perot).  Then we will have THREE people with a leftist agenda to choose from.

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