Friday, February 29, 2008

Angelina Jolie and Me

See the entry below entitled "Obama and Flashman".

Do you realize that Angelina Jolie has made essentially the same point in a piece in the Washington Post?  Okay.  She is nicer than I am.  She is more diplomatic.  But it is essentially the same point.

Jolie has come back from visiting Iraq.  Her conclusion:  the surge has WORKED. It has worked enough that we are now able to provide humanitarian assistance to "displaced Iraqi families".  She concludes that we have a moral obligation fo STAY and do that, rather than throw away the progress made by the surge.  She even says that it is in the long term security interest of this country to stay and help Iraq succeed in becoming a viable country.

Who knew Angelina Jolie was so smart?  Who knew that she was smarter than Barack Obama?  Who knew that Democrats would be better off with one of Hollywood's leftist couples running for President than Braack and Michelle Obama?

It doesn't hurt that Angelina Jolie is unnaturally gorgeous.

P.S.  I already got a snide comment on the above:  "Name dropping again, are we?".  Yep.  I admit it.  I have previsously done this with Rush Limbaugh.  But, frankly, Angelina Jolie is more pleasant to talk about.  I am going to have to find more reasons to drop her name.

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