Friday, February 22, 2008

Global Warming: NO U.S. Evidence

It has been a COOL to average winter in the U.S., as a snowstorm rages in the Northeas (latest in a number of winter storms this winter).  Thus, the U.S. data continues to provide NO support for the idea that there is a "global warming" "crisis"--much less that it is man-made.

A COOL winter in 2007 (U.S.).  A COOL winter in 2008.  An AVERAGE overall termperature year (U.S.) in 2007 (same for 2008?).  NO consistent warming TREND for the U.S. since 1880 or so (see chart in Michael Crichton's "State of Fear").  No siginificant rise in that mythical "temperature of the earth" since 2001).  1936 remains the WARMEST year in the U.S  since the 19th Century (2006 was close, but merely emphasizes NO TREND, as termperature levels in the U.S. went up and down--returning in 2006 to the levels of 1936, but then backing off again in 2007).

All of this merely emphasizes how bad "global warmng" propaganda is.  NO, it is NOT me who is "politicizing" the weather.  It is the "global warming" fanatics who have tried to politicize normal weather variations.  I merely try to point it out during times when the data CONTRADICTS the whole idea of significant MAN-NADE warming linked to greenhouse gases. 

For example, do you see PRESENT stories on the North Pole ice cap?  There were strories this summer, however, about how it had shrunk by an area twice the size of France.  "Global warming" people SELECtiveLY present their propaganda, and only data that fits their position--wanting to POLITICIZE the weather when THEY WANT TO.  I refuse to let them get away with it.

By the way, the present winter storm itself is just that-- a winter storm. It is a pretty normal winter storm in a pretty normal winter (with the usual variations--it is almost 70 degrees inn El Paso, where I am writing this). It has nothing really to do with "global warming", except that these variations in the weather ARE normal. Hot days, weeks, months, or even years do NOT change that, especially when you note that there is no CONSISTENT TREND, and when you note that the "global warming" people are not successfully able to predict ANY of it.

Continuing my fairly regular practice of importing representative comments from elsewhere (usually AOL), here is a comment on the above by a leftist "global warming" fanatic, and my response:

"Science is science and no matter how deep in the sand (or any where else) you choose to stick your snow storm does NOT INDICATE the ABSENCE of GLOBAL WARMING!!!! It also really does not matter at all if you believe it or not."

Neither do some warm days, weeks, months or years indicate that there is a man-made "warming" crisis It does not matter whether you believe THAT or not. "Global earming" is NOT "science". I put it in quotes because the "science" part of it is SMALL--a vague concept rather than a full blown THEORY of CLIMATE (which would have to be able to PREDICT climate). I put "global warming" in quotes because I am referring to the POLITICAL/RELIGIOUS movement, rather than the much more modest real science involved in evaluating climatic trends. The data, and actual science, do not support the INFLATED scare claims of "global warming" fanatics.

Editor's note:  You will note that "global warming" religious fanatics will usually NOT debate the issue.  That is because their high priest, Al Gore (and others directing the propaganda campaign) have decreed:  the issue is SETTTLED.  The whole idea is to avoid debate by simply asserting over and over that there is NO ISSUE--that "science" has settled the matter.  How could that possibly be when "science" has not successfully PREDICTED any specific climate--even a year in advance?  There is actually no doubt that the "issue" is NOT settled.  How much is the earth warming, and how much of that is due to man?  HOW MUCH will sea levels rise?  WILL reduction of greenhouse has emissions really stop "warming"?  CAN we even stop the increase in greenhouse gas emissions without dooming the earth's population to poverty?  The VAGUE CONCEPT that the earth is "warming" settles NOTHING.  The devil is in the details.   HOW MUCH is the earth warming?  Will it KEEP warming?  Can we do anything reasonable about it?  These questioins cannot possibly be settled, because "global warming" theory has no solid answers to them--at least none confirmed by correct PREDICTIONS.


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