Thursday, February 28, 2008

John McCain: Natural Born Citizen

You just could never make this stuff up.  No matter how bad the New York Times, and the mainstream media in general get, they can always get worse.  Today's New York Times story is about "buzz" that has gone around FOMR MONTHS (for example, like the last New York Tiems smear of McCain, before the New York Times endorsed McCain for the Republican nomination, and before he locked up that nomiation).  It is to the effect that John McCain's birth to U.S. miltary parents in the U.S. Canal Zone (Panama) "raises questions" about whether he is a U.S. citizen.

The New York Times just never quits, and neither do I (pointing out how despicable the New York Times, and the rest of the mainstream media is, in advancing its AGENDA to elect a Democrat President in 2008--I say that as a person who has promised NOT to vote for McCain).

The New York Times, you will recall, is the newspaper who ran that SMEAR of McCain (picked up, predictably, by the rest of the manistream media) raising all kinds of innuendo (no facts) about McCain and a female lobbying EIGHT YEARS AGO.  Just like this story, that story was not published by the New York Times until AFTER McCain had locked up the Republican nomination.

Are leftists really that afraid to run against McCain ON THE MERITS?

The obvious meaning of "natural born citizen" is, of course, "as distinguished from naturalized citizen"--that is, a citizen by birth.   Any other conclusion is totally unreasonable, and an INSULT to our military people around the world.  By statute, McCain was a U.S citizen BY BIRTH, and did not have to later become naturalized.

You can expect at least one, and often more than one, negative media story on McCain between now and the general election. SMEAR is what the maisntream media does these days to Republicans--the mainstream media being the PRIMARY agents of the "politics of personal destruction in the country today--usually acting as an arm of the Democratic Party.

Now there is an alternate theory that The New York Times is CONSPIRING to get John McCain elected President of the United States. Look at this story. Do you really thing it is anti-McCain (to anyone but an extreme leftist) to try to say that children born to military parents on U.S. territory outside of the U.S. mainland are not "natural born citizens" of the United States? I hope McCain is PAYING the New York Times for these smears. He should.

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zagrossadjadi said...

Well, then someone should bring up the fact that Al Gore wasn't born in the "United States" either -- he was born in Washington, DC, which, the last time I checked, wasn't a state.