Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hillary Rodham Clinton: First Question

There is no question here--first, last or middle.  Conservatives NEED this woman to be Resident of the United States.  Even if you won't go that far, Republicans NEED this woman to be running against.

You weren't hearing things.  With all of the major sins of the media these days--including what amounts to a partisan campaign on behalf of Barack Obama--Hillary Rodham Clitnon made a point of beginning last night's debate whining about always being asked the FIRST QUESTION at these debates.   MSNBC is the WORST cable TV organization to ever exist, with the audience of a test pattern.  But all Hillary Clinton can find to complain about is being asked the FIRST QUESTION?

It is a no brainer.  We NNED this woman as President of the Unitled States.  I have said before that she will set both feminism and leftist back at least 100 years.  I take it back.  She will set them back at least FIVE HUNDRED years.

I apologize, by the way.   But I was seduced by the despicable mainstream media, who keep TAUNTING Hillary Clitnon by calling her "Hillary Rodham Clinton"--obviously an inteded smear based on the fact she is a woman.  See yesterday's entry on John McCain apologizing for the remarks of that local talk show host who introduced him.  Yes, I do realize that "Rodham" is not Hillary Clinton's middle name.  I realize that there was a time that she even just went by Hillary Rodham, or Hillary Rodham-Clinton.  Still, don't you think that the continued use of "Hillary Rodham Clinton" is now a slam at her AS A WOMAN AND FEMINST.  You could certainly argue so.

P.S.  I heard a clip of that "local talk show host" introducting McCain.  He did NOT put emphasis on "Hussein".  He just referred to Barack Obama as "Barack Hussein Obama", with no undue emphasis on any part of the name.  It is, of course, Barack Obama's NAME.  Is "Hillary Rodham Clinton even Hillary Clinton's NAME under previous--pre-feminist--usage.  Feminism, and the strange pemutations of same, have mixed me up to the point I don't even know any more.  Further, that "local talk show host" did NOT slur/criticize Obama as a MUSLIM (Obama is, of course, Christian--albeit with a Muslim fatther from whiom I have heard said he was "estranged", with the media being much too delicate to go into Obama's family; which is a delicacy I actually think is correct but hardly applied to REPUBLICANS).  Rather, Mr. Cunningham (the "local talk show host") criticized "Barack Hussein Obama" as a corrupt hack from the Chicago political machine.  While I can see why that was too strident for McCain's taste, and even a little mcuh for mine, it is NOT racist.  It is NOT as bad as the things Democrats (politicians) have said about President Bush--much less the really hate filled things that have been said by supporters without any candidate "apology".  I say again:  So long as McCain seems more willing to criticize the people he now says are his friends than he is to criticize his enemies, or the media--a redundancy here whether McCain realizes it or not, conservatives are not going to warm to him.

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slapinions said...

I admit I never thought of your point about her name - it is a closeted slam against her feminism. Great point.