Monday, February 11, 2008

Chemtrails--You Are a Kook if: (Late Night Radio Edtion)

This is a continuation of my semi-regular "you are a kook if:" feature.

As I have said before, I should never turn on my radio, for background noise, as I am getting ready for bed.  I did so one night last week, when I happened to be up late, and encountered late night radio ("Coast to Coast" was the name, I believe, of the program),  I have eoncourntered this stuff a few times before.  One thing is clear:  Late night radio is the home of LOONS.

You ARE a kook if:

114.  You listen to late night radio (for anything other than comic entertainment).

115.  You believe in almost ANY government conspiracy, and especially on regarding CHEMTRAILS. 

Yes, some idiot got the idea that those jet contrails were becomeing more numberos, and lasting longer than they previously did.  This led to another one of those KOOK conspiracy theories that there is a secret government project (or projects) involving putting chemicals in the atmosphere, and that there is a military/CIA cover-up of the whole thing.  I assure you that I could not make this stuff up (although I was blissfully unaware of this until hearing a few minutes of this late night program).  There is at least one website dvoted to PROVING this (good trick, since it is a KOOK idea).  The whole loony idea made Wikipedia (labeled there basically as the KOOK idea it is).

You KOOKS out there know who you are  I merely document you as I come acroos each respective kook domain/ideology.

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