Thursday, March 13, 2008

Air and Weapons of Mass Destruction: Which Is the More Obvious Lie?

"Air Too Dirty to Breathe in 345 Counties"

That is today's typically stupid AP/AOL headline.

Is the headline of this story a LIE? Sure it is. If it represents the real position of the EPA, then the EPA is exaggerating worse than President Bush ever did on the state of intelligence about "weapons of mass destruction".

Are people in these counties breathing the air? Yes. Are they droppping dead like flies? Nope.

Q,.E.D. The air is NOT "too dirty to breathe".

I feel better about my overstatement today in this blog. The title is: "Prostitutes and Journalists: Is There Any Difference". How could journlaists object to a statement like that, when they make WORSE statements every single day. Mine is at least not an erroneous statement of fact.

P.S.  The air in El Paso in spring is farily regularly "too dirty to breathe" because of DUST.  Natrue really is too polluting.  We need to do something about it.  A petition to God?

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