Saturday, March 1, 2008

Leftiists and Demagoguery

Continuing today's series on the housing/credit crisis, and leftist--Obama type--demagoguery, here is another comment from AOL (attempting an Obama change of subject), and my reply:

"Republicans apparently would rather watch the country drop into a depression than let the government regulate the economy.

If a loan company violated a law or statute while qualifying a loan for a home buyer, than, contrary to republican opinion, that loan company should be punished in accordance with the law and the people who were the victims of the crime should be compensated.

Business is not above the law."

Government overregulation of the economy will put us in a depression.  Democrat/McCain "global warming" regulation alone may put us in a depresson.

Who said "buisness is above the law"?   Crimes should be prosecuted (although you might be surprised how many BORROWERS committed, or conspired in, fraud). 

A witch hunt of persecution for political reasons is--well--demagoguery of the most shameful kind.

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