Thursday, March 13, 2008

McCain's Vice President: Romney?

John McCain has annouced he is starting the "process" of looking for a Vice Presidential nominee.  Ultimately, of course, there is no real "process" other than for McCain to determine who he WANTS (true of ALL Presidential nominees).  The ONLY purpose of a "process" is to make sure McCain is aware of his options, and that possible choices have been examined for posslibe "skeletons" in their closet.  Other than that, the whole "process" is mere political theatre (including the leaking of names "under consideration").

The media is trying to make mcuh out of the non-event of Mitt Romney telling Sean Hannity that he would be "onored" to be chosen.  This, mind you, is in answer to a QUESTION.  Evidently, if you are not ridiculously coy, you are campaigning for the job.

Was there ever any doubt that Mitt Romney would accept a Vice Presidential nomination?  Of course not  The is non-news.  The most that can be said is that Romney has definitely signaled McCain that he is now on the McCain "team", and ready to be a team player.  This will probably not get him the Vice Presidential bid, but keeps him in position for future political activities.

It is not, of course, a matter of who McCain should choose, but who he will choose,  It is entirely his choice (the way our system works).   The key thing, as I discussed in my alnalysis earlier this week in this blog, is to choose somone who does not reflect badly on McCain.

This means no "risky" choices like Geraldine Ferraro and Barack Obama (whose experience is so slight as to make him a risky Vice Presidential choice--much less a Presidential choice).

McCain needs someone with executive experience (not another Senator), who can help him on economic issues.  He needs someone who has been vetted enoough to reduce the chances of lnad mines.  A person in favor with conservatives would help.  Romney fits ALL of these things (including business experience and success).   But McCain has not shown that he is comfortable with Romney (actual dislike is possible). 

That leaves Governor Crist of Florida (if he wants it).  Really not a conservative favorite.  Not really vetted on a national stage.  But he does pretty much deliver Florida (Romney might help in Michigan--where Democrats have deprived voters of their right to vote).  Further, he is McCain's type of Republican and a popular, successful executive.

Now Crist may not be especially well qualified himself for national office, but McCainn provides that.  That is why I predict it is Governor Crist's nomination to "lose" (even though it is not a job you directly campaign for).

Me?  I would prefer Romney, but don't think it is likely.  Governor Crist is too much like McCain himself for my taste.

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