Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Drew Peterson: What Happened???

No, I don't keep up with the truly evil (I don't use that word lightly) tendency of the mainstream media to act like crimes are a matter of OPINION, where the trial should be conducted first in the media.  Since I have this attitude, I don't keep up with this stuff, except as it is forced on my attention.

Nevertheless, I have heard nothing suggesting Drew Peterson has been indicted for the murder of either wife no. 3 or wife no. 4.

As I told you previously (I was a lawyer for more than 30 years), there never were many FACTS in the media coverage of Drew Peterson.  Despite the usual "new developments", the "facts" basically reduced to what was obvious from the beginning.  Drew Peterson had one wife die under suspicious circumstances, and another wife disappear without adequate explanation.  The longer wife no. 4 stays missing, the more likely it is that she is dead. 

Hoever, none of that constituted proof beyond a reasonable doubt.  And there was NO other evidence--despite Greta Van Susteren, et. al.--at least no other actual EVIDENCE (as distinguished from back fence gossip). 

There was never any chance to convict Drew Peterson of killing wife no. 4 without finding ( or at least definitely accounting for) the body.  More importantly, if you can't convict Peterson of killing wife no. 3, you can't convict him of killing wife no. 4 (without a body).  Note:  They STILL have not been able to charge anyone in Aruba, on the Natalee Holloway matter, even though I would have been sorely tempted to charge Van der Sloot with something besides murder, based on the idiot's taped statements).

IS there enough evidence to even charge Drew Peterson with killing wife no. 3?  Despite all of the publicity about exhuming the body, and the signs of murder, this is not obvious.  It may yet happen, but the lack of quick action again illustrates just how bad the specualtive "news" coverage was (Fox News, as usual, being part of the mainstream media/cabel TV problem and not part of the solution. 

I am gong to have to ask my 86 year old mother abut the "progress" on the Peterson case.  She actually thinks it is fun to watch the media evilly speculate on guilt and innocenece.

P.S.  I have said before that--just from the circumstances and the fact that the spouse USUALLY did do it, in the abasence of other explanatioin--if I had to guess (which I don't, and the media does not, and the lawyers who appear on the media do not), I would guess that Drew Peterson killed ore or both of his last two wives.  We don't convict people in this country on either guesses or media back fence gossip.

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