Thursday, March 6, 2008

Florida and Michigan: Where Is the OUTRAGE; DNC Decides Presidency Over Bodies of Voters of Fl

Does anyone but me realize that the DNC may have decided the Democratic Presidential nomination by DISNENFRANCHISING voters.   Of course, Hillary Clinton (who has only herself to blame for not standing up for the voters--who are not, after all, state party officials) and Barack Obama were perfectly willing to go along with depriving the voters of two states of ANY say in the Presidential nomination.

Imagine what the DNC, Howard Dean, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama (not to mention the mainstream media) would have said if two states were deprived of being counted (deprived of voting in the electoral college or the voters deprived of choosing their state electors) in the general Presidential election because of violation of technical rules.    The scandal would never have died down; it would have made Florida of 2000 look like a summer rain compared to a hurricane.

Where has the OUTRAGE been?  In the Republican race, Florida was the determinative vote (even with party discipline cuttint the number of Florida delegates, but not depriving the voters of the right to vote).  Florida might well have similarly clenched the nominiatioin for Hillary Clinton (momentum, you know), but the Democrats chose to disenfrancise Floirda voters totally.

Hillary Clinton obviously went along with this outrage because she expected a coronaton, and did not want to rock the boat.  But that does not excuse the way this disenfranchisement of two whole states has been tamely accepted by politicians and the media.

It truly is an outrage, and it should have been at the time of the votes in Michigan and Florida.   I have been amazed how this has been pretty much ignored up to the point that Florida and Michigan votes have assumed such obvious importance.

If Demoocrats and the media were truly interested in democracy, and not disenfranchising voters, this would have been a major SCANDAL from the beginning. 

See multiple entries on this issue in this blog over the last few days.  I did raise the issue  long ago, as well.  It is a comment on the political agenda of the media that more has not been made of this outage in the media long ago.

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