Friday, March 14, 2008

Jeremiah Wright and Barack Obama: Summary

There are legitimate issues coming out  about Barack Obama that the mainstream media is trying to ignore. Obama's pastor of 20 years (who marrked Barack and Michelle)   There are now videotapes of Jeremiah Wright's sermons showing him, and therefore the church,  to be an anti-American racist who said the following:

1.  The HIV virus was INVENTED by white people in American and loosed on the world.

2.  Drugs are being imported into the USA by the government to kill black people and put young black men in jail.

3.  Instead of "God Bless America", it should be "God d--n America", because America is an evil country oppressing blacks and killing people around the world.

4.  9/11 occurred because the USA deserved it for being the greates terrorist nation in the world.

5.  Hiroshima and Nagasaki (atomic bombs dropped) were early examples of American terrorism, and we have gone downhill since then.

This is NOT a matter of Wright endorsing Obama.   It is a matter of Obama validating HATE SPEECH (worse, by far, than a white politician belogning to a racially restrctive church or club) by being a part of this church and supporting this pastor.

P.S.  This represents a more succinct summary of the issues I addressed in the previous two entries (especially the first one).  See those entries for more detail. 

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scottsoperson said...

The fairy tale is over.

Obama's pixie dust is wearing off.

A few in the corporate media are finally starting to reveal some details about this man's judgment.

I speak of Obama's long association with his spiritual advisor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Obama says he didn't know Wright was far, far left. While that is hard to believe, it says that Obama is not a very discerning judge of character. And it shows poor judgment for a presidential candidate to allow such an extremist to serve on his campaign.

Rev. Wright says AIDS was created by the US government to kill black people.

Come on!

"I didn't know about that man, Rev. Wright." Is that what Obama is telling us?

But there is more to come.

Obama's friend, William Ayers, is an unrepentent terrorist.

An Obama fund raiser, Rashid Khalidi, supports terrorists.

Wait till these tidbits come out. Maybe they won't release them till after Obama wins the nomination.

These associations with radicals show that Obama does not yet have the judgment nor the experience to be at the top of the ticket.