Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Obama and the 81 Year Old Ugandan

I would not have believed it if I had not heard it.  Obama, in his remarkedly uninspired non-concession speech last night, asked us to "feel good" because an 81 year old Ugandan stayed up until 5 a.m. watching the results from Iowa--being inspired by Obama's victory.

This did not make any sense at all.   The 81 year old was the grandfather of one of Obma's campaign workers.  That seems to explain his interest.   Why is this inspiring?  Do we really measure our candidates by whether they have staffers with Uganda relatives, who will be happy when they do well?  What did Obama's references to how bad it has been in Uganda (Idi Amin and all of that) have to do with the U.S. election?  Is Obama promising to INVADE UGANDA?  It really made no sense at all. Is what we really need in this country a Presidential candidate who "inspires" foreign relatives of his or her foreign campaign workers?  For all I know, Hillary Clinton is a huge inspiration to the women of Uganda.  So what.

I note that Obama did not refer to HIS African relatives staying up until 5 a.m. to see results--although Obama did go through the litany of loving this country because a black Kenya fatther could marry a white woman in Kansas, and have their son close to being nominated for President of the United States.   The media is obviously reluctant to go into the family relations of Obama.  As I said earlier (entry entitled "Was Obama's Great Grandfather a Polygamist?--and What about Mitt Brighma Romney"), the BIGOTED mainstream media is perfectly willing to talk about Mitt Romney's great grandfather supposedly being a polygamist.  But they are unwilling to examine the family backfround of Barack Obama.  I regard this as the CORRECT policy.  Family background has nothing to do with whether a person should be President of the United States, but that is not a standard applied to Republicans.   Nevertheless, it is somewhat strange--hit me really wrong--that Obama would refer to a relative of a campaign worker instead of to his own African relatives. 

Notice that this 81 year old grandfather, in a terrible country like Uganda, evidently had access to a TELEVISION.  He obviously is a pretty upper class Ugandan, unless Obama was saying the he was in the United States (which really would deprive the story of all "meaning".  What am I saying!!!! I am even letting myself be drawn in.  The story has no meaning ANYWAY.  

WHY did Obama bring up this story at all.   Surely there are not many Americans worried much about our relations with Uganda, or Ugandas (other than general good wishes for all people to move toward what we enjoy).  I really think that there is only one explanation.   Well, there are two.

First Obama thought is "sounded good", even if it made no sense.  And Obama is about things that "sound good", whether they make any sense at all  Remeber the non-existent 10,000 dead in that Kansas town hit by a tornado, and Obama crizicizing the inability to respond (false) because of the National Guard being in Iraq?   When confronted with this gaffe, Oboma merely said that he was "tired"  I think that the more accurate view is that he did not care.   His version made his point more dramatci, and who cares that "only" 10 people actually died (making it obvious that the emergency response resources were NOT overwhelmed by that disaster).

The second, more important, explanation of this anecdote is that obama is trying to play the "race card"--both as to blacks and as to "guilty" whites.  Obama was seemingly showing solidarity with his black "brothers" in Africa.  No, I already said this does not make sense, but some such explanation is about all there is.  Would Obama have thought this made sense if he had referred to a Mexican grandfather of a Latino staffer staying up in Mexico?  I don't think so. Does that not make it obvious that this comment by Obama was meant to be all abut race--playing the "race card"--even though Obama's story of the 81 year old grandfather made so little logical sense that it was ntot effective?  Obama obviously told the story because Obama is black; the campaign worker was black; and Obama is black (I have noted before that there is NO logical definition of who is "black" and who is not, as illustrated  by Obama's mixed heritage). 

This story would actually have made more sense if it were abut a MEXICAN 81 year old grandfater of a LATINO staffer.  Then the story would have a point (bringing all races together).  As it is, the story had no point.  Obama just thought it sounded good.  

Don't you HATE it when I give leftists ideas?  I often hate it, because I often see what I suggest come true.  So if you see Obama talk about a LATINO ispired by his candidacy in a future speech, you will know who to blame.

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