Friday, March 14, 2008

Anderson Cooper: Religiously Bigoted Hypocrite

There never has been any doubt that CNN is composed basically of religiously bigoted hypcorites, and that Anderson Cooper is one of them.  He proved it again last night (in 30 seconds, as I checked on CNN just to see what they were saying about Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright--see previous entry).

Anderson Cooper expressed frustration (CNN agenda anyone) that this Jeremiah Wright stuff was an IRRELEVANT, because it merely distracted from the important issues in the campaign (a position CNN never took on George Allen or the Bush National Gurad story or.......why go ont?--if you don't understand this by now, you never willl).

See the previous entry as to whether this is "guilt by association".  It is one of the crusades of this blog that the mainstream media, and leftists, specialize in guilt by association. (Remember Mrk Foley, where they tried to do it for an entrie party?). 

However, this is NOT "guilt by association" (Jeremiah Wright).  Despite some confusion to the contrary by conservative talk show hosts, the issue here is JUDGMENT, and ENCOURAGEMENT of racial and irratonal, anti-American hatred.  It is not that Obama necessarily believes what Wright believes.  it is that Obama lent HIS NAME (don't dare include middle name) to an organization and person who is spreading RACIAL HATRED out there.  This is the same issue as a white person belonging to a club with a racially restrictive (often extended to clubs which restrict by sex) membership policy--even if the politician in question voted against the policy and is actively trying to change it.

Associating yourself with an organization and person who is spreading HATE validates the hate.  It does not matter whether the person (Wright in this case) supports YOU (Obama in this case). What matters is whether you have supported the organization or persons (Obama supporting Wright's church and having a 20 year close association with Wright) who is spreading the HATE.   It is almost worse if Obama knew better (knew what Wright was saying, as he had to have known, but chose to disregard it).  That is deliberately helping evil by inaction ("white club" problem again).  It would almost be better if Obama did not see anything wrong with what Wright has been saying.

Segue to Mitt Romney.   Remember the Assoiciated Press (religiously bigoted) article on Mitt Romney?  The "major story" that Mitt Romney's great grandfather was a polygamist?  Well, that very same sort of stuff was appearing on CNN and Anderson Cooper.  THAT was "guilt by association"--not even so much current associatiion as the remote past of the Mormon church) and religious bigotry.  I have stated flatly that the "news" media people who were willing to make a political "issue" out of Romney's Mormonism were, and are, religious bigots.

Imagine (the mind boggles) if Romney has belonged to a church whose pastor said things (albeit white racism instead of black racism) like those said by Jeremiah Wright.  In fact, forget the racism.  What if the pastor of Romney's church had said things ("God damn America") about the U.S.A. like Jeremiah Wright said?  What if that pastor had been a man Romney had been closely associated with for 20 years?  Romney could not have SRUVIVED such a pastor--at least if CNN and Anderson Cooper had anything to say about it.

Nope.  I am willing to say flatly:   CNN and Anderson Cooper:  Thy name is "hypocrite".  Mainstream media:  Thy name is "hypocrite".  Democrats (leftist politician kind), thy name is hypocrite.   Leftists:  Thy name is "hypocrite".

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