Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Democrats Are Undemocratic: The Hypocritical Story of Robert Torticelli, Florida and Michigan

Importing agina leftist thought from AOL, a person made the following comment under thae AOL story on Michigan and Florida possible "do-overs"--a comment appearing after I posted some of my comments over the past few days, in this blog, on the subject:

"LOL, leave it to hillary to change the rules mid election!"

Remember Robert Torticelli (former Senator from New Jersey).  He was going to LOSE an election in New Jersey (scandal).  He resigned (under Democratic Party pressure as a tactic to enable them to hold the Senate seat with another candidate).  Under the "rules" (law) in New Jersey, it was TOO LATE to name a replacement.  The Democrats on the New Jersey Supreme Court--not to mentiion the voters--had no problem with "changing the rulse mid election".  The New Jersey Supreme Court piously said (it was really all about POWER) that you could not allow techincal rules to DISENFRANCHISE Democrats in New Jersey by not allowing them to name a candidate. 

What has the entire Democratic Party done with voters in Michigan and Florida?  They have DISENFRANCHISED them.  Can one party get any more hypocritical?

Democrats should change the name of the party  The way they run a nomination contest has little to do with "democracy".  (See my analysis of the truly disgraceful way delegates were selected in Teas--where I voted--in a previous entry below)


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