Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Leftist Thinking Continued

Continuying my policy of periodically importing leftist thinking from elsewher, I quote below a comment unter the AOL article referred to in the previous entry.   While it is not entirely certain that the person was a leftist, the reference to "occupation" tends to give it away.   The idea that the U.S. is an evil, occupying power resented by the people of Iraq is primarily a leftist notion.  They have killed many more of each other than they have of us.  Anyway, here is the presumably leftist comment, and my response:

"doesn't anyone remember we won the war in iraq. it's the occupation we have trouble with. people don't like foreigners running their country. That's why we had a revolution against the British"

Exactly right, in one sense, and exactly, obviously wrong in another. We did WIN the war to depose Saddam Hussein. Then we sort of blew it (as we blew it in Germany and Eastern Europe after World War II: resulting in the Evil Empire of the Soviet Union, a divided Germany, and the Berlin Wall).

This is McCain's best claim to the right to be President. He was RIGHT from the beginning about the need for a troop surge, and more aggressive strategy, in the aftermath of our victory in Iraq.

"Occupation" is, however, leftist cant. Could we have simply got rid of Hitler and then withdrawn from Germany (giving ALL of Euroope to the Soviets)? Of course not. Could we have just beaten Japan, and then left. Of course not. MacArthur was given the task of overseeing the rebuilding of Japan into a non-dangerous country. You can't just defeat an enemy and leave the defeated country to chaos, and to be gobbled up by OTHER ENEMIES. That is crazy.


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