Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Associated Press and AOL: The Evil Continues

I have been neglecting one of my jobs lately because of the election season.  I have been neglecting the day-to-day chronicle of the truly terrible performance by the Associated Press and AOL.   No one else has been doing this in such detail, and when I fail to do it, there is a void left.

Today's example is this headline:  "Top Commander:  Iraq Assessment Needed."  What do you think that means.  Inless you are psychic, I assure you that you are wrong.   It does NOT eman that there is some need for "assessment" in Iraq because something is going wrong.  It is almost the exact opposite.  Nowe  that the planned withdrawal of "surge" troops is nearing an end, the question is:  When do we withdraw MORE troops (than already being withdrawn under the plan now in effect), and how many.  The "top commander" was saying that he expected that General Petraeus needed time this summer to assess the ability of Iraqi troops, and that the military needed to take time this summer to assess the situation fully before a further decision to withdraw still more troops.

The despicable Associated Press, and AOL, really are hopeless.  If you don't believe me, look at that headline.  Is the point of what the "top coammander" said that an Iraq assessment is "needed"?

Don't be sillly.  Correct headline:  "Top Commander:  MILITARY Needs TIME for Iraq Assessment."

In other words, the whole point here is to avoid the DEMOCRATS forcing the military to withdraw substantially more troops until the military commanders have a chance to assess how far along the Iraqis are toward taking over their own defense.

This may be either incometence or political agenda--probably both--but the actual headline is hopeless.

P.S.  The infallible negative AP indicator is still working.  You KNOW that things are going REALLY WELL in Iraq because the AP has trouble finding negative news.  Since you KNOW that the despicable AP would uses any excuse to find "negative" news in Iraq, their inability to even find "news" that can be twisted that way is significant.  We really must be doing extremely well in Iraq right now.

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