Saturday, March 8, 2008

John McCain: Apology Central

This blog continues to be proven correct.

I told you, when John McCin apologized for those remarks of Bill Cunningham ("Barack Hussein Obama"), that the left, and the mainstream media, were simply going to be encouraged to go to McCain for an APOLOGY every time a negative thing is said by ANYONE about Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.  Now, that is not too difficult a prediction, but not too many others were saying it.

The accuracy of what I said was illustrated today.  Republican Congressman Steve King said today (or yesterday) words to the effect that:  "Islamic extremeists will dance in the streets if Barack Obama is elected President of the United States; it will be a victory for them."

Now it is John McCain's position that we need to elect him to successfully prosecute the War on Terror.  His position (correct, of course) is that we cannot rely on Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama to pursue the War on Terror adequately.  Is this really much different, except for the language, from the point Steve king was making? Answer:  No, it isn't.

Now let us segue to President Bush.  Have not Democrats said MUCH WORSE about President Bush, including when he was campaigning in 2004?   Have not Democratic Senators and Represetnatives said WORSE?  Where was McCain asking for an apology?  Where was the mainstream media asking for an apology?

Predictably, going back to this Steve King interview, Barack Obama demanded an apology from John McCain (or words to that effect), demanding that McCain condemn King.

The media (again, Fox News is part of the problem and NOT part of the solution) promptly took their marching orders and asked McCain about King's statements (not made on behalf of the McCain campaign--King being merely a tardy Republican supporter of McCain).

McCain, on cue, AGAIN condemned the comments, while noting that King was not part of his campaign, and promised a "respectful campaign on the issues".

I have challenged the mainstream media in this blog to CONFRONT OBAMA with the statements and actions of Democratic politicians (such as trying to hold Bush aides in contempt of Congress and trying to get CIA employees CRIMINALLY prosecuted for "waterboarding" after 9/11), and ask whether Obama approves of such "divisive" actions (given Obama's pledge to "bring us together").

I don't mind McCain refusing to engage in hyperbole on King's level.  I don't even mind McCain's campaign saying that he does not endorse, or approve of King's statements.  But McCain is setting himself up to be asked, any time Democrats, leftists, or the mainstream media decide they want to get McCain to dump on yet another conservative, about any number of statements made by ANY Republican or conservative--including conservative talk show hosts--in the country.  This is ridiculous.

As some point McCain is going to have to say it is ridiculous.  You just can't let the media USE you (at the same time they are undermining you) to dump on every conservative around. At some point, McCain is going to have to point out that the media is NOT confronting Obama with what he thinks about the AGE statements about McCain (Air America talk show host went on Fox and trashed McCain over his age--"mocking" him).  McCain is going to have to point out that the media is NOT confronting Obama with the terrible things Democrats--even Democrats in Congress--are saying about the President, McCain, and all Republicans. 

In short, McCain is going to have to say that he is NOT going to continue to paly the patsy fro the media, leftists and Democrats (that unholy trinity who are One) to use to gin up outrage against alleged conservative overstatements.   This is manufactured "news", which McCain has brought on conservatives and himself by his demonstrated willingness to TRASH conservatives at every opportunity (rather than just gently dissassociate himself from what he might disagree with).

What happens if McCain continues down this path?  I guarantee you that he will have more opportunities.   Well, I will lose any respect I had for him as a conservative "leader". 

You say I never had any respect for McCain as a conservative "leader"?  You know what?  You (for one of the few times) are right.

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