Friday, March 14, 2008

Leftist, Mainstream Media "Thinking" (continued)

See the previous entries on Reverend Wright and Barack Obama.  I continue my sometime policy of importing comments from AOL, along with my response, if I think such an imported comment helps me make my point.  This comment appeared under the AP/AOL story deliberately trying to deflect the "story" in this direction (as Obama himself has done is trying to do in his statements saying that he disagrees with his pastor--as if theat were the only issue here):

"I believe Barack Obama does not hold the same veiw as his pastor"

So what. That is not the issue. If Obama held views involving this much racial hate, Barack Obama should resign from the SENATE--not just from the Presidential campaign. It still boggles my mind that a Presidential candidate would be involved closely for 20 years with a pastor/church saying things like:  The HIV virus was INVENTED by white people in America, and then set loose on the world (worst, of course, in Africa)..

As I said, the real issue is illustrated by a simple thought experiment. Say a white pastor of a Sourthern church is discovered to be a sympathizer of the Ku Klux Klan--spewing racial hatred in his sermons. Is it acceptable for a white politician to stay a member of such a church for 20 years, if he had to have known of the extreme views of the pastor? Just because the white politician does not agree witht he views of the Klan? I just don't see that as an acceptable reaction..

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