Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Democrats, Florida, Michigan and Illegal Immigrants

It is, of course, the positon of leftist Democrats like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton--even more than John McCain, although the reasonable fear is that President McCain would go along with almost anything the Democrats propose--that it is not "compassionate" to enforece the law against illlegal immigrants.   Leftists Democrats pretty much dismiss the idea that following the rules, and the rule of law, should mean something.

That brings us to the poor citizens of Florida and Michigan.  Unlike most illegal immigrants, although perhaps like someof them, most citizens of Florida and Michigan had little to do with those states moving up their primaries before February 5.  That was against Democratic Party RULES (not, of course, against the law).

Suddenly, the Democrats are for the death penalty against voters of Florida and Michigan.   They can't be allowed to vote  They have to be disenfranchised.  After all, rules are rules!!!!

Can I explain this?  Of course I can.  Leftist Democrats are NOT about the "rule of law".  They are all about POWER.  States cannot be allowed to think that they can stand up to the Democratic Party.  But illegal immigrants are potential Democratic VOTERS--while Democrats are dissing the actual voters of Florida and Michigan.

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