Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dean to Florida and Michigan: Pay for Our Mistakes

Democrats have totally botched their Presidential nomination process.  They have totally DISENFRANCHISED the voters of Florida and Michigan (a mistake NOT made by Republicans).   The media, meanwhile, which routinely plays up Demcratic complaints about minor voting glitches, has pretty much said "oh well" to this assault by Democrats on democracy.  See multiple entries in this blog over the past two days.

Now Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean is calling for Michigan and Florida to come--hat in hand--to the DNC with a "do-over" plan.  Dean, however, has stated that the Florida and Michigan would have to pay for the "do-over" (millions of collars).  Here is an AOL comment under the story about Dean calling for a "do-over"--yet another mainstream media story expressing little outrage over the Democratic Party disenfranchising the voters in the first place--a comment which I think says it all:

"If Dean wants my vote, he better pay for it. We already voted in Florida! Democrats told us we do not count...Now they want us to pay to say we do?"

Enough said.

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