Friday, March 21, 2008

Obama and Passports: Hypocritical and Biased Media

AOL and the despicble Associated Press are playing up BIG right now the story that two people have been fired, and a third evidently disciplined, for "inappropriately peeking" at the PASSOPORT (no one could make this stuff up--rally sensitive stuff here--NOT) files of Brack Obama.  This story is now in its second day featured on AOL, as the mainstream media does its best to hype it.

This is hardly equivalent to a break in at the Democratic headquarters at the Watergate.  Nope.  It is NOT even an "outrageous breach of security and privacy" (Obama spokesman). 

Yet, the despicable Associated Press and AOL (along with presumably the rest of the mainstream media) are giving it MORE play than they gave the original revelations about Reverend's Wright's sermons (where the eventual stroies were all about Obama's DEFENSE mofr the the outrageous statements of Reveredn Wright himself, such as the allegationis that the U.S. government (FDR) KNEW about Pearl Harbor, in advance; that we brought 9/11 on ourselves; and that the U.S. government INVENTED the HIV virus as a means of genocie against people of color)

It is the media BIAS in the way it is covering this campaign that is outrageous.

Are PASSPORT files that ssensitive?  People SHOULD be fired for snooping into them,  but the informatiion is hardly likely to be important (Obama has released his tax returns, which strike me as MORE sensitive and "private" information).

Contrast this with the New York Times, Washington Post, AP, AOL, and the rest publishing CLASSIFIED information on CIA secret operations; on the War on Terrror (including surveillance programs and the tracing of money);  and otherwise.  The media, in those cases, ecnouraged acts of TREASON--no hysterical story about how the employees doing it constitued a "breach of security" for which heads should roll.

This (the passport file peeking) is hardly a big deal.  People were appropriately fired.  Now if we would only do the same for employees leakind CLASSIFIED information to the hypocritical media!!!!

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