Monday, March 3, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama's Great Grandfather Was a Polygamist, and What aboub Mitt Brigham Romney?

I have told you (correctly) that leftists and the mainstream media are the PRIMARY BIGOTS in our society today.  The flap over "Barack Hussein Obama" proves it, if you look at the whole picture.

First, the attempted smear about the Muslim angle came more from the Clinton campaign than the right.  That infamous picture of Obama in a turban was distributed by the leftists of the Clinton Campaign.  Conservatives out there, aside from the usual

 fringe , have not really tried to smear Obama as a Muslim.  They have merely, occasionally, given in to temptation to "gig" Obama about his middle name--even more so after they observed the total overreaction by Obama and the media to the use of Obama's full NAME. 

Do you doubt me that the mainstream media and leftists are BIGOTED, and cater to bigots?   You should not.  Look at the religiously bigoted, and despicable, Associated Press.  Neat the beginning of the Presidential campaign,, the Associated Press ran a truly contemptible article about how Mitt Romney's great grandfater (or something like tha) was a POLYGAMIST.  That was religious bigotry, and pandering to religious bigots. Nott only did it have nothing to do with Romney's campaing to be President, but the Mormon Church long ago (more than a century) outlawed polygamy.   Can you imagine the stories if Mitt Romney's middle name was "Brigham"?  As it was, the left, including the mainstream media, constantly treated Romney's religion as a seriious issue in the campaign (instead of the religiously bigoted shame that it was).  Poking fun at Obama's middle name is minor stuff, in coparison.

Look at the title of this article.  Is Obama's great grandfather a polygamist?   I don't know, and I don't care.  It is well known that the Muslim religion, in some areas and times, has embraced polygamy.  But I have no reason to believe that is true of Obama's great grandfather.  Although Obama is a Christian, his fater was a Muslim (hence the "Hussein" middle name).  Will we find out about Obama's "great grandfather" from the despicable, bigoted Associated Press?  Of course we won't--especially in the kind of negative, smear way that the Assoicated Press brought up the polygamy of Romney's ancestor.  We will never find out about any negative family background of Barack Obama from the mainstream media.

Nor should we.   I agree that family background is irrelevant to a person running for President.  I also agree that delving into a person's religion, and religioous background, as if it were really relevant to a Presidential campaign, is BIGOTRY, and pandering to bigotry (except in the most extreme circumstances, such as if a candidate HIMSELF--not ancestors--belonged to a religion that condoned cannibalism).  Sure voters have a "right" to know the religion of a candidate, and a candidate has a right to talk about his own faith, but trying to go into the details of the religion of a candidate is a dangerous thing.  Goving into the religios and personal life of an ANCESTOR, like the despicable Associated Press did, is pure and simple bigotry.

This is where I differ from Sean Hannity.  No, Hannity is NOT one who uses the "Hussein" ploy.  However, Hannity has a cable TV mentality.  That means he looks for SMEARS, and gives them more weight than they deserve (really, the definitions of a smear--not whether it is true but whether it tries to place too much negative emphasis on something that is irrelevant, or only very marginally relevant).  In that vein, Hannity has attacked Obama by attacking Obama's church and pastor (see next entry in this blog--probably today).  To me, that is a cable TV mentality.  It is irrelevant to whether Obama should be President.

Where Hannity, and other conservatives, are RIGHT is the lying hypocrisy of leftists and the mainstream media.  To them, it is "crossing the line" to bring up Obama's real middle NAME, and yet it is acceptable to do a major story on Romney's great grandfather being a polygaminst.   Not in this universe it isn't.  The mainstream media was BIGOTED as to Mitt Romney, and accepted BIGOTRY as a reasonable position, on a larger scale than conservatives ever dreamed of with regard to Barack Obama.   My difference with Hannity is that the solution to this is to fight "fire with fire"--to do the same smear things as leftists and the mainstream media.  I regard my course of action as the correct one:   to point out that leftists, the mainstream media, and leftist Democrats (that unholy trinity who are One) are lying, hypocritical bigots--without sinking to their level.

You say that the mainstream media and lefitists are not really bigots, but only trying to USE biogotry to advance their political agenda?  Hardly less shameful, is it?  Maybe more shameful, if you are cynically takkng advantage of what you perceive as bigotry out there, and thereby encouraging it.  Anyway, I don't buy it.  I believe that the =mainstream media and leftists regularly do show themselves to be BIGOTS--including anti-Christian bigots (as to the kinds of Chrisitans they don't like).   Their bigotry is just so wrapped up in their leftist ideology and lust for power that you can't separate them.  

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