Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Global Warming Propaganda

See the entries over the past week in this blog showing the strong evidence that global warming has STOPPED. 

Consider that such evidence has received very little news coverage.  Then consider that a MAJOR story today, with pictures, is that a big ice chunk has broken off of a glacier in Antartica--meantingless as to what is happening to the "temperature of the Earth", but great "global warming" propaganda (with dramatic pictures).  You know the drill ("size of Manhattan", and all of the hyped stuff about the kind of thing that used to receive no "news" coverage at all).

This is mere "global warming" propaganda (making such a big deal out of something that happens naturally--as structures shift, currents shift, local climate varries, and ice just gets too heavy for its support).

Why the PROPAGANDA over such minor stuff.  See the MULTIPLE entries in this blog over the past week--entries which show that global warming has STOPPED.  There has never been much evidence for MAN MADE global warming.  What I mean here is that the warming of the Earth (from whatever cause) seems to have STOPPED.  That is the reason this PROPAGANDA fluff is promoted so heavily.  There is nothing else that "gloabl warming" propagandists can point to.  The tide of real EVIDENCE has turned against them.

Accarding to NASA scientists, 3.00 robots in the oceans show NO increase in ocean temperatures over the past 4 to 5 years (oceans being crucial to world temprature, and covering most of the Earth's surface).  1998 reamins the year of the WARMEST "temperature of the Earth".   Since 2003, world termperatures have been stable (correlating with NASA ocean data).  For the U.S., of course, 1936 REMAINS the waromest year, and there never has been any CONSISTENT trend of warming.

The EVIDENCE is that world "global warming" has STOPPED.

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