Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Obama: Where Is the 81 Year Old MEXICN Grandfather?

Would it not have been more "inspiring" for Obama to talk abut an 81 year old MEXICAN grandfather of a LATINO campaign worker (do any exist int the Obama campaign). Tat kind of story would at least be about the races coming together behind the Obama campaign.

Obama's story about an 81 year old UGANDAN grandfather of a campaign worker being inspired by Obama's victory in Iowa made no logical sense. It carried NO "racial harmony" message, and seemed mainly to be meant to play the "race card"--although weirdly and ineffectively.

See the previous entry in this blog for a complete analysis of how little sense this anecdote made. Yet, Obama made a BIG point of it in his speech last night.

(Yes, the above is basically redundant of one of the main points mad in the prior entry, but the above is more concise and less worthy;  Idecided the point was worth a separate entry to make this point concisely, and with less verbosity.  You need to read the previous entry if you do not fully understand the above.)

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