Thursday, March 6, 2008

Michigan and Florida: Blog Riff Continues

AOL is hopeless:  "Michigan and Florida Broke Rules--Should They "Get" To Vote Again" (Quotes mine in the really disgraceful AOL headline). As stated in previous entries (this is a continuation of a multiple entry riff on this subject in the blog), the question here is why the mainstream media is not outraged over the voters in two states being deprived of their right to vote, rather than whether they should "get" to vote (remember when the "right to vote", and have your vote count, was sacred to Democrats?  Now, apparently (and I have been amazed by this ever since the Michigan and Florida votes occurred), it is entirely acceptable to deprive the voters of two major sates of their right to vote.

What if a "rule" threatened to deprive two whole states of their vote in the general election?  Obama went to court in Ohio, alleging that the "rules" were depriving people of their right to vote--obtaining a FEDERAL COURT ORDER keeping certain polls open pas the time the rules said they were supposed to close.  But Obama wants to deprive two whole states of the right to vote  Hypocrisy, thy name is Obama (and AOL).

The problem is the SANCTIION imposed by the DNC.  That sanction totally disenfranchised the voters of Florida and MIchingan. They did not HAVE to do that.   The Republicans (whose candidates would NOT go along with depriving voters of their right to vote, unlike Clinton and Obama) let voters keep their right to vote, but snactioned Florida and Michigan by taking away half of their delegates. 

Every general election, Democrats complain about voters being denied their "right to vote". Yet, many Democrats are apparently willing to deprive the voters of TWO WHOLE STATES of their right to vote. They expressed tthat willingness as official Democratic Party policy by the "death penalty sanction" DISENFRANCHISING the voters of Michigan and Florida over a rules violation--the very thing the Democrat New Jersey Supreme Court said was a fundamental deprivation of the rigt to vote in allowing Democrats in New Jersey to appoint a substitute candidate for Senate in New Jersey (after Robeer Torticelli withdrew), even though the "rules" said it was TOO LATE.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Democrat.

The "right to vote" was supposedly so sacred to Obama forces that they got a FEDERAL COURT ORDER to keep certain polls in Ohio open (beyond the legally set closing time) to allow everyone an opporuntiy to vote.

Yet, Obama is prefectly willing to let the people of two entire states be deprived of their right to vote. How can you get any more hypocritical than that?

Hypocrisy, thy name is Obama.

Of course, the entire Democratic Party, including Hillary Clinton, did not take the right to vote very seriously when Florida and Michigan VOTERS were denied the right to vote in the first place. Question: Do Democrats really believe in the "right to vote", or only in POWER and POWER GAMES.

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