Friday, March 21, 2008

Governor David Patterson and Rudy Giuliani

See my entry a few days ago about how I really don't want to hear every politician confessing to all of their sexual "sins".   I would prefer that politicians just tell the media and the public:  "These are things between my wfe and myself, and respecfully none of your business."

Democrats keep undermining me.  Eliot Sptizer dealt with a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE whcih he was obligated to prosecute, as a serving Governor, and which he HAD prosecuted as Attorney General (same type of enterprise, that is).

Remember Rudy Giuliani's mistress?   There were all of these attempts to bootstrap that into a public (as distinct from a private) scandal because state/public money was used to pay for security when he visited his mistress.

Now it has been revealed that Governor Patterson evidently charged at least one of those hotel trysts with his mistress TO HIS CAMPAIGN. 

This is the kind of thing that would make national headlines against a Repubican.  It is, of course, much more serious than the adultery itself.  The natinal media is pretty much trying to ignore this revelation on Patterson. 

I have said before (with convincing evidence) that:  SEX IS HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH. 

I actually meant that promiscuous sex is hazardous to your mental and physical heallth.  Hoever, it would be ironic if politicians made my point for me by proving that sex is hazardous to your political health.

If you are contemplating a plitical career, or already have one, what is the lesson here? The lesson is clearly that you should engage in sex (novel concept here) ONLY WITH YOUR LAWFULLY WEDDED WIFE.  Even premarital sex strikes me as a dangerous thing for an actual or prospective politician.  Among other things, such as later "tell all" interviews, might you not be tempted to use funds you should not be using to pay for things with your girlfriend?

Nope.  1950's morality (the kind that is objectively most healthy for people in general) is clearly what might SAVE politicians, and potential politicians.    Once saved, like born again Christians, politicians might suddenly come around to advocating the same healthy practices for the rest of us.  Few things would be better for minorities and the poor (not that they are more sexually "immoral", but that they can less afford it).

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