Saturday, March 8, 2008

Democratic Party: Flying, Fickle Finger of Fate WINNER

Yes, the judges (me) have announced the wINNER of the weekly Flying, Fickle Finger of Fate ("the Finger").  This is the award reincarnated in this blog from the old Rowan and Martin's "Laugh In"--repreented by the statuette of an INDEX fingerbe pointing.  The award is for conspicious stupidty, or worse, that has occurred--or become evident--during  a week.

Even though the competitioin was stiff (the mainstream media, Associated Press and AOL are ALWAYS finalists), there was never any doubt about this week's winner of the coveted "Finger".  The DEMOCRATIC PARTY is the clear winnter, along with DNC chairman, Howard Dean.

The Demcratic Party has DISENFRANCHISED two major STATES.  They have deprived the voters of TWO WHOLE STATES of the right to vote.  See the multiple entries in this blog over tha past week.

You can't defend this.  Nor is it true that this was the only way to enforce the "rules".  The Repubicans, for example, faced with a revolt by the CANDIDATES that they would not ignore two major states, merely sanctioned Michigan and Florida by taking away half their delegates.  But the votes COUNTED.  In fact, Florida virtually decided the Republican nomination, and Michigan--before that--gave Mitt Romney a shot at that nomination.

It is Democrats how constantly say that the right to vote is sacred--that EVERY vote has to count.  It is DEMOCRATS who regularly sue to keep polls open, where there are voting glitches, to make sure than everyone has a chance to vote.  OBAMA just did than in OHIO, getting a Federal Court order keeping certain polls open to give voters a chance to exercise their right to vote.  The application by Obama forces for that court order emphasized how sacred the right to vote is to our system.

HYPOCRISY, THY NAME IS DEMOCRAT (especially including Obama).

How can you say you revere the "right to vote", and deny that right to two whole states?  How can you candidates fro President endorse this idea?

Note:  I heard today on Fox News the (part of the mainstream media PROBLEM, and NOT part of the solution) the following:  "If it were not for the close Democratic race for the nomination, no one would care."  That, in fact, describes the mainstream media--including Fox News--reaction to depriving Michingan voters and Florida voters of the right to vote. That is shameful and disgraceful.  This should have been a major issue from the beginning, as this blog said at the time.

Award Presentation (imagine Dik Martin presenting the cdoveted "Finger" to the Democratic Party and Howard Dean):   This award is for YOU; you DESERVE it.

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