Friday, March 7, 2008

Global Cooling: Is the COOLING Continuing

You have seen the stories in this blog:  Temperature of the earth drops enough to wipe out a century of (inconsistent) warming;  snow cover in northern hemisphere most extensive since 1966; cool Jaunuary in U.S;  cool February in U.S.; Canadian scientists talk about LACK of activity in the sun posing risk of a new ICE AGE; and the Global COOLING stories just go on and on (as The Weather Channel--which should be boycotted, and whose founder has disowned it--continues propaganda story after propaganda story on "climate change", the DECEPTIVE term coined by "global warming' fanatics nervous about the very possibility that the earth is no longer warming).  Meanwhile, the mainstream media ignores the cooling, as they wait for warmer weather to start hyping "global warming" again.

There is snow in DALLAS today, as a March snow storm sweeps across the country--extending cold weather and snow into the deep South.

Of course snow storms of this kind in March are not that unusual.  That is the very point, isn't it.  It is the "global warming" people who have tried to politicize the weather, and to hype every weather event as evidence of "climate change". But what we really seem to have is normal weather and climate variations which have almost nothing to do with the activities of man.  How can' "global warming" be regarded as a full fledged theory of climate, when it does not even come close to predicting climate and weather a year in advance?

Remember, the ONLY excuse for "climate change" being man made is the WARMING effect of greenhouse gas emissions.  The ONLY EVIDENCE for that is WARMING temperatures.  If temperatures do not continue to warm, as they are not, then it becomes obvious (as if it were not all along) that there are factors much more important than greenhouse gases--the SUN, for one--determining the climate of the earth.

That is why the term "climate change" is a dishonest, propaganda fraud.  It is a deliberate attempt to divorce the political agenda of the "global warming" movement from the "science" upon which it is supposedly based.  This merely exposes that science never had much to do with the "global warming" religion.   

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