Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Joe McCarthy (McCarthyism), Leftists and Rush Limabugh

Are leftists all about power, and not about principle at all?  Sure they are--especially if we are talking about principles of freedom, free speech, voting, freedom of thought, and the like.

This blog has repeatedly marvelled at thow willing Democrats have been to take the "right to vote" away from two whole states, without much of a peep from the mainstream media about depriving people of their "right to vote"--especially before it became an issue in the close Obama-Clinton race.

Then I have shown repeatedly in this blog, citing examples that leftists do NOT really believe in free speech (witness their attempt to SILENCE opponents of "global warming", as well as conservative talk radio and even Fox News--forcing a candidate boycott of Tox News sponsored debates).

This blog has further shown that leftists are the PRIMARY advocates in today's world of "guilt by association"--from Mark Foley to Larry Craig to the attempt to tar all Republicans with the most loony aspects of the "Christian right".  Nope.  Reverend Wright is NOT "guilt by association".   It is not Reverend Wright for whom Obama is being held repsonsible, but for Obama's own conduct in impliedly encouraging and endorsing racial, anti-American hate by being, and remaining, a member of Reverend Wright's church.  This is no different, as I have said, from a white politician belonging to a church whose pastor happens to be a grand dragon of the Ku Klux Klan.  In fact, Obama's implied endorsement of REverend Wright (NOT Reverend Wright's endorsement of him) is MUCH stronger than any implied endorsement by any Republican of alleged "hate speech" of any Christian right fiugre.  PLUS, the speech itself is worse.  No mainstream Christian right leader could get away, for example, with saying that blacks are cospiring to gain power and take away white women (the closest I can come to the really abominable statement that the white dominated U.S. government INVENTED the AIDS virus to commit genocide on people of color).

Let us go now to "loyatly oaths".  Joe McCarthy, of coure, was accused of invalidely invoking "guilt by association" by demanding not only that non-Communist leftists not be closely associated with Communists, but that they IDENTIFY Communists that they knew.  Remember, it has been PROVEN (from KGB files) that the American Communist Party was an arm of the Soviet Union--basically an arm of the KGB.  So there was actually considerable excuse for the attitude of Joe McCarthy and the House Un-American Actitivities committee.  Nevertheless, there was a certain paranoia, and willingness to pander to those who wanted to restrict freedom, that made Joe McCarthy somewhat unsavory--character traits that eventually took him down when he took on the U.S. Army.   Leftists now have WORSE paranoia, for LESS reason, than Joe McCarthy.  Further, leftists are MORE willing to trample on the freedoms of people than Joe McCarthy was ever able to do (whether he was "willing" or not).

Loyalty oaths were mainly an attempt by HOLLYWOOD to purge Communists, although they appeared in other contexts as well (as people were either asked to sign them as a condition of emplooyment, or before the Congressional committees).  Remember, these were oaths of loyalty to the UNITED STATES.  You might think that an employer--especially the government--should have the right to require an employee to swear loyatly to the United States of America, and even that the person is not a member of the Soviet Union.  Nevertheless, again, the loyalty oaths were somewhat insulting, and arguably a restriction of freedom.  A number of Hollywood people were "blacklisted" for failing to disassociate themselves "adequately" from the Communists.

Enter Rush Limbaugh and the "loyalty oath" in Ohio.  To vote in the Democratic primary in Ohio, you had to swear some kind of "loyalty" to the DEMOCRATIC PARTY.  It boggles the mind that Democrats would be up in arms if voters were required to swear loyalty to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, but evidently see nothing wrong with requiring a "loyalty oath to the DEMORATIC PARTY.  Joe McCarthy lives again, on the left.

What this is, of course, is another illustraton of how leftist Democrats believe in POWER, and not at all in freedom.  There are any number of leftists, including some in the mainstream media, pushing the idea that Rush Limbaugh should be indicted for conspiring to commit, and encouraging, VOTER FRAUD in Ohio.  This is Limbaugh's famous "Operation Chaos", where he encouraged voters to vote for Hillary Clinton to keep the Democratic fight going (on the logic that Republicans were never going to adequately take on the Democrats, but that Democrats--with their allies in the media--would be willing to take on each other).  Limbaugh, of course, has turned out to be right.  More criticism of the Democratic candidates has been featured in the media than would EVER have been the case if a Deomocratic nominee were already assured, or will be the case in the general election.

What is the "fraud".  It is alleged lying as to this "loyalty oath" in Ohio.  This "problem" comes up, of course, because of another leftist "cause" really designed to increase their power:  the idea that voters can register on the day of voting.  This whle idea that it is wrong to require, say, registraton six months in advance leads to this kind of unintended consequence.

Is it Constitutional to inquire as to the MOTIVATIONS of voters?  Surely not.  This whole idea of a "loyalty oath" is absurd.   Joe McCarthy never went that far.   Of course, it has proven a godsend for Limbaugh.  Aftter failing to stop McCain (when I think he could have), which is the real defest conservatives have suffered in this election, Limbaugh has moved back to the top as a conservative radio figure with "operaton chaos".  The Joe McCarthy's of the left, and the media, are helping him immensely.

Does it bother leftists that they are actually talking about putting people IN JAIL for a "false" "loyalty oath"?  Does it bother leftists that they are using the very language of Joe McCarthy and his time to regenerate one of the concepts of that time? 

Not so you would notice (although, to be fair, some leftists are uncomfortable with it, although many are not).  As I said, leftists are about POWER, and NOT about freedom.

Leftists were fine with John McCain getting "independent" and Democratic votes--both this year and in 2000.  But let Limbaugh get their goat, and they are willing to try to use the CRIMINAL LAW to harass voters--not to mention Limbaugh exercising his right of free speech.

They should be ashamed, except they have no shame.  For them, it is all about POWER.

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