Friday, March 7, 2008

Hillary Clinton: Moster; Obama: Empty Suit Who Has Not Paid His Dues

Yes, one of the stories today is that an Obama campaign advisor has resigned after calling Hillary Clinton a "monster".

Obama people call Hillary Clinton a "monster".  Clinton says Obama is not experienced enought to be President, and that he is more a creature of empty rhetoric and media hype than a qualified candidate of substance.

You now what?  BOTH descriptions may be right.

P.S. lest you think that the "monster" description is over the top (as, of course, to a degree it is), remember that former Clinton advisor Dick Morris has made it clear that he regards Hillary Clinton in that light.

P.S. 2:  Yes, I am still endorsing Hillary Clinton for President.  I still maintain that conservatives NEED this woman to the President of the United States (my only qualm is on judges she will appoint).   I feel confident that her "monster" side will come out as President, and that she will do more for conservatism than John McCain ever will.  Can the country survive it?  I think so, because a President Clinton will galvanize opposition to her in a way that will not happen with John McCain.  I respect thouse of you who disagree, since I certainly am not saying Hillary Clinton will be a GOOD President.  In fact, I am counting on her to be a very BAD President--so bad that she can't get anything done.

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