Friday, March 14, 2008

Jeremiah Wright and Racial War: How Can Obama Have Supported Him for 20 Years?

As to what is really wrong with Wright and his church (follow up to my previous entries as to why it is WRONG for Obama to belong to an organization spreading racial hatred, just like it is wrong for a white politician to belong to a racially restrictive club--whether he believes in the racial restriction or not):

I listened to the O'Reilly excerpts from a number of sermons last night.  These were NOT isolated sentences taken out of context.  There were two consistent themes.  One was the concept that white America is an EvIL country oppressing African-Americans, real Africans, and the rest of the world (INVENTED HIV virus to spread around the world--that is and inconceivably racially divisive, and FALSE, allegation).  The second, related theme is that we are in a RACIAL WAR in this country initated and continued by whites, and that blacks have to fight back.  Neither position is acceptable, and it is not acceptable for a candidate for President to have supported such a man and such a church.

P.S.  I am perfectly aware that I am into overkill on this issue.  Hoever, I think it is really important.  Again, the key issue for me (who does not believe in "guilt by association", as practiced by leftists) is NOT whether Obama believes what Wright has been preaching.  The issue for me is whether Obama should have been SUPPORTING this kind of person and this kind of church.   NO "white" candidate could get away with having done so.


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