Saturday, March 15, 2008

Anderson Cooper, CNN, and the AP: Flying, Fickle Finger of Fate WINNERS

Okay.  Let us be honest here.  The real winner of the this blog"s weekly Flying, Fickle Finger of Fate award for outstanding achievements in stupidity during the week was Eliot Spitzer (maybe the winner of the award for this century so far, and in the running for the all time most deserving winner of "the Finger").   Even in the days when Rowan and Martin originated the award, as a regular feature on "Laugh In", there was never a winner as deserving as Eliot Spitzer.

The judges disqalified him.  How could they do that in an honest vote?  Well, it wasn't and honest vote.  First, there were several judges from Michingan and Florida.  People from theose states have no "right to vote", as determined by the Democratic Nationa Comittee.  Second, this blog apportions votes in a strangae and wonderful way (again like the Democratic Party).  Third, this blog is following in the tradition of the corrupt mainstream media by disavowing fairness as a goal.  All of this means that I have the controlling vote.  The rest of the judges don't matter.  I decided that Spitzer was just so stupid that he gives even supitidity a bad name.  What sense does it make to give "the Finger" to Spitzer, when a two year old child is perfectly aware of how stupid he was?  Nope.  My vote was the important vote, and I disqualified Spitzer.

Even then, the competition this week was unbelievable.  There was Barck Obama, who went to a church for 20 years which had a pastor spewing out racist and anti-American HATE.  Then he thinks it is sufficient simply to say that he (Obama) does not agree with the outrageous, hate filled sermons.  White racists obviously missed a bet all of these years.  Put a Ku Klux Klan sympathizer in as your pastor,  and then simmply "denounce" his racist statements as a member of the congregation. 

You say that white politicians could never get away with that?  You say that white politicians were never even able to get away with belonging to a private club with no African-American members, even if they said they were trying to change that?

Well, that brings us to the CO-WINNERS of "the Finger" (statuette of an INDEX finger) this week.  The mainstream media has become totally corrupt and contemptible (not to mention racist and guilty of consistent religious bigotry).  They are finalists for this award every single week.  The mainstream media is so agenda driven now that they are deliberately distorting the news to protect politicians they like, and destroy politicians they don't like.  That is wy they are willing to try to destroy Mitt Romney's chances by making major stories out of such things as his great grandfather (I can't make this stuff up) being a polygamist (Associated Press).  That is why the mainstream media routinely engages in the politics of "guilt by association" (even when there is no real association), but suddenly regards it as despicable "tactic" when applied to Barack Obama (except, as I have concluisively shown in this blog, the matter of Reverend Wright is not a matter of "guilt by asssociaton").  Just see what happens if John McCain's pastor is ever shown to have made a single racist statement in his whole live, back to grade school  What would happen if any Republican stayed in a church for 20 years with a Ku Klux Klan sypathizer is beyond imagination.  They might just line up a "journalist" firing squad and shoot him.

Yet, CNN and Anderson Cooper immediately called the sermons of Reveredn Wright "irrelevant", and distracting from the "real issues"--something that they never did with regard to the religious bigotry against Mitt Romney.  A pastor who gives sermons saying tthat the AIDS virus was INVENTED by white people--who then lossed the virus on black people--is as bad as anything the Ku Klux Klan ever said.  And it was not an isolated sermon.  This is hate speech.  Yet this is the pastor that Barack Obama and Michelle Obama chose to marry them, and the pastor whose church Barack Obama has attended for 20 years.  This is NOT a matter of whether Barack Obama "agrees" with this kind of HATE SPEECH.  It is a matter of impliedly approving, or at least condoning,  hate speech--just like a white politician belonging to an all white private club, while saying he does not approve of the policy.

For trying to sell the politically motivated propaganda that this is "irrelevant", and a "distraction" from the real issues (something that never seems to occurt to them as to really irrelevant smears against Republicans), Anderson Cooper and CNN are truly deserving winners of "the Finger".

The Associated Press award is vor corruption more obscure, but even more obvious.  See the entry about the Associated Press article on Eliot Spitzer earlier this week.  Inthe article describing the resignation of Eliot Spitzer, the despicable Associated Press threw in a paragraph about Scooter Libby and Valerie Plame.  There was no excuse for it.  That the Associated Press chose to do it is jsut an illustration fo teh total CORRUPTION of that "news" organization.  The excuse for the agenda driven parragraph was that one of the lawyers that Spitzer had hired was also one of the lawyers who represented Scooter Libby.  But the AP did not stop at that, but went on to identify Scooter Libby as Vice President Cheney's chief of staff, etc.  To put that paragraph in the middle of a story on the ELIOT SPITZER resignation shows just how bad the despicable Associated Press has become.

That is why Anderson Cooper, CNN, and the Associated Press are this week's winners.  They have illustrated the naked hypocrisy and corruption of today's mainstream media beyond any doubt.  The mainstream media is not even trying to hide it any longer.  They are, in effect, saying:  "We can elect whoever we want by whatever means we want; try and stop us".  Well, that is a challenge I have accepted, although I realize that my efforts are a drop in the bucket.  If enough people join me, however, it can be done.

Presentation of "the Finger" (here you have to imagine Dick Martin presenting the statuettee of "the Finger" on TV to Anderson Cooper, CNN, and the despicable Associated Press):  "People, this award is for YOU.  You DESERVE it!!!

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