Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hillary Clinton: Me, Feminist

This is a copy of an email I just sent to family and friends:

I am now an OFFICIAL FEMINIST.  I just voted for HillaryClinton in the Texas Primary.  I don't know how you can call yourself a feminist and not vote for Hillary Clinton.  But there are SOME out there who have betrayed the cause.   Sylvia would not even let me count her as an Hillary supporter.  Kyla did not vote in the Virginia Primary.  I don't know if Kenda voted in Massachusetts.  I am sticking out my tongue at you all.  I am more feminist than you.  So there.
My older daughter, Kenda, replied that she HAD voted for Hillary Clinton in the Massachusetts primary.  Kenda lets everyone believe that my younger daughter, Kyla, is the readical feminist in the family--FRAUD.  Here is my reply to that:
I knew Kenda was a closet feminist--more fundamentally feminist than Kyla AND Sylvia.
I have to apologize to Tony, by the way, for the second time today (that is my quota for this lifetime).  I could not bring myself to vote for Hoa Tran in the Republican Primary, or even to vote Republican to verify that he exists on that ballot.
Editor's note:  Tony and Hoa Tran were the subjects of at least one previous entry in this blog.  My friend, Tony, insists that Hoa Tran is on the Repubican Presidential primary ballot, and suggested that Hoa Tran was a viable alternative to John McCain.  My response to that was to suggest that only a KOOK would know who, or what, "Hoa Tran" is.
Here is my YOUNGER DAUGHTER'S  (Kyla's) reply to my email.  If you wonder when I talk abut my SHAME in having raised TWO feminsts (was I a closet feminist all along?), consider that Kenda has just shown herself to be a MORE RADICAL feminist than this one:
Voting for Hillary or not does not make or break one as a feminist.  For example, I could say that I did not vote because I feel as if the entire political establishment and US government, including the Constitution and everything since, was founded by white males, is thus structured to always favor white males, has been controlled by white males since its inception, and so there is in fact no real potential for this system to ever benefit women or ever incorporate feminist ideals.   
Hillary may become president, but she is doing so by conforming to this system--she is participating in and perpetuating a male dominated system, which is especially horrible because her becoming president gives the guise that our society has made some kind of progress with regard to feminism when it in fact has not--rather the problem has just been masked even further.
Plus I'm not registered to vote in Virginia; I still have a Hawaii driver's license.  But I'm glad you've made a mockery of the system by voting in the Democratic primary when you aren't a Democrat and voting for Clinton when you aren't a real supporter of her.  Such abuse of your civic duty is truly admirable, and indicative of the shady tactics Republicans routinely use to further their ends.

P.S.  This is NOT a mere attempt to sabotage Democrats by gratuitously meddling in their primary.  For a year or more I have promised to vote for Hillary Clinton for President, if the race were a nightmare one between Hillary Clinton and John McCain.   With John McCain or Barack Obama the alternatives, I WANT HIllary Clinton to be President.  It is true that this is a more evil sabotage of Democrats than merely meddling in their primary to try to get John McCain elected.  I want to sabotage Democrats FOREVER by actually helping Hillary Clinton to become President.  I can think of noting better calculated, at this point, to advance the interests of conservatives.  I don't think feminism, leftism, or even the Democratic Party will survive anoather Clinton Presidencny.  Even though it is NOT merely a tactic with me, I was way before Rush Limbaugh in suggesting that Hillary Clinton desperately needed Republican votes to stay in the race. (See entry:  "Rush Limbaugh and Me.")

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