Friday, March 28, 2008

Jeremiah Wright: Flying, Fickle Finger of Fate WINNER: Garlic Noses

Yes, it is time for this week's Flying, Fickle Finger of Fate award (this blog's reincarnation of the old "Laugh In" award for conspicious stupidity/insult to intelligence in the previous week).

Sometimes, the judges wait until Saturday, but there was just no contest this week, despite other, deserving nominees.  That mainstream media was a contender again, as always, with--among other things--the conintued "global warming" PROPAGANDA, while ignoring the rather compelling evidence that global warming (from ALL causes) has STOPPED.   John McCain was a serious contender for his John Kerry speech--including completly buying into the "global warming" fraud.  There was Hillary Clinton suggesting she "misspoke" about something nobody misremembers, as she committed the increasingly common journalistic sin of making up a "good story" that never happened (in the way she told it).  There was again Barack Obama, who continued to spew out mere WORDS, while ignoring a truly pathetic record--a pathetic record made even more obvious this week by the revelation that violence in Chicago SCHOOLS is out of control.  Maybe if Obama had been a constructive force FOR values, and AGAINST hate,  in Chicago, instead of impliedly endorseing hate speech over the past 20 years, there would be less hate and violence in Chicago.

Deserving as the above examples of stupidity were, they simply could not compare with "garlic noses" (see this week's entry where Jeremiah's Wright use of that incredible term was quoted, IN CONTXT (one of the media/leftist "spin" nominations, competing with Wright, was the attempt to excuse Reverend Wright by suggesting that his truly evil words are not so bad "in context", or that you can't criticize Wright's hate speech unless you are African-American yourself--a position that quickly leads to the idea that Barack Obama is above criticism because of his skin color).

What "context" could save "garlic noses"?  In a EULOGY (written) yet?  The image alone is such a graphic, if nonsensical, ethnic slur that Reverend Jeremiah Wright had no real rivals for the award of "the Finger" this week.  No one seeing this phrase, in print, could ever either forget it or successfully excuse it.

Yet, the OTHER media/leftist tactic on Reverend Wright is to treat him as a VICTIM of hatred.  Yes, Reverend Wright is cancelling all of his scheduled public appearances lately.  The REAL reason for this is to try to take him out of the publica eye, so that he will not further embarrass Barack Obama.

The reason being put out for the cancellation of Everend Wright appearances is that Reverend Wright is in fear for himself and his family because of the threats and hate being directed against him.  In other words, Reverend Wright and his apologists/Obama strategists are now trying to portray Reverend Wright as the VICTIM of the very sort of hatred he has been TEACHING to a generation of black people.  For this ploy alone, Reverend Wright deserves this week's award.  Reverend Wright clearly prefers to label himself a coward (imagine Martin Luter King cancelling speeches for that reason), rather than face up to his own words.  Eventually, in a very controlled environment, you can expect Reverend Wright to surface with WORDS of reconciliation and "hope for racial conciliation--as distinguihsed from his EXAMPLE/TEACHING over many years.  In this sense, Barack Obama appears to be a worthy disciple of Reverend Wright, in Obama's evident belief that WORDS can substitute for a real record of advancing racial harmony.

"Garlic noses."  When Reverend Wright finally surfaces, or you hear the apologists for Reverend Wright, remember that phrase (which, in cntext, was clearly meant to be an ethnic slur against all ITALIANS, rather than even just a slur against the Roman Empire).  Nope.  Reverend Wright has been a teacher of HATE.  Barack Obama impliedly endoresed those teachings of hate by staying with Reverend Wright and his church for 20 years.  I still remember my first, appalled, reaction to Wright's statement that the U.S. white government had invented the HIV virus as a means of GENOCIDE against people of color in the world.  I remain astrounded that any peson would say such a thing.   In comparison, on a hate scale, "garlic noses" is sort of a farce--a parody of true hate speech.  That is why I think the phrase is so telling, and fully deserving of this week's (or any week's) Fllying, Fickle Finger of Fate award.

Therefore imagine here Dick Martin presenting "the Finger" (statuette of an INDEX finger) to Jeremiah Wright as this week's WINNER of the coveted/dreaded statuette:  "Reverend Wright, this award is for YOU; you DESERVE it."

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