Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Obama "Bubble"

As I was posting my entry on the propaganda being put out in the mainstream media about the "foreclousre crisis" (see previous entry), a person on AOL tried to be clever about this smear of associating Obama with the Muslim religion.  To me, this deflects fromt he real problem with Obama.  I repeat the post, and my response, because I think it not only points out a real danger in the Obama phoenomenon, but illustrates the whole concept of a "bubble":

"Can any of you Obama supporters tell us which way we are suppose to face when praying to Allah?"

Actually we Obama supporters don't pray to Allah (Obama is a Christian).  We pray to OBAMA (new messiah)....................

Sorry.  I admit it.  I am not really an Obama supporter.  I got caught up in the euporia--in the Obama "bubble".   It caused me to be momentarily irrational.

That actually IS how "bubbles" work.  People get cauht up in the euphoria and do irrational things (both people in lending institutions and borrowers, or the voting masses).  I do hope that people caught up in the Obama "bubble" wake up in time.

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