Monday, August 4, 2008


It turns out that the middle name most growing in POPULARITY in the U.S. (I think, although it could always be the world) is "Hussein.  At least, that is one of the stories out there this morning.  Some people are evidently even CHANGING their middle name to "Hussein", even as Barack "World" Obama seems to want to change his to something else.  
This is somewhat disturbing.  It is a little hard to articulate exactly WHY it is disturbing.  Yes, Saddam Hussein was one of the worst monsters of modern times.  It is a little disturbing that thousands of people want to use his name.  However, it is no doubt true that thaere are MANY people named (middle or last) "Hussein", besides Obama, who are perfectly fine human beings (a description I would have no problem applying to Obama, with the caveat that he is one dangerous man to become President). 
I think the main reason it is disturbing is that it feeds into the CULT of Obama.  I know that people often name children after famous people--albeit that it has always been a somewhat harmless "cult of personality".  You should not need to validate your life by some sort of ersatz association with famous or powerful people.  Of course, some people hear a famous name and just LIKE it, with the "famous" part just being a bonus. 
Still, a MIDDLE name?  I am not aware that "Millhouse" (Richard Nixon), or even "Fitzgerald" (JFK), became fad names.  This "Messiah" hysteria around Obama is disturbing, and this middle name business seems to be just another example.  That is why I think those McCain adds about the Obama "cult of personality" (although the ads did not use that pharase) were a good idea, so long as they are not overdone.
I am perfectly aware that a FEW people might change their middle name to "Hussein" in reverse psychology sarcasm, or merely to call attention to themselves--without even liking Obama.  Like Obama's "explantions" for many of the things he has said and done, I am not sure this is any less disturbing than the other reasons for "Hussein" becoming a fad name.
I would be interested in knowing, just as a matter of curiosity, whether "Hussein" has become especially popular among MUSLIMS.  It is not that I pay any attention to the smear that Obama is a Muslim, just as I apy no attention to the idea that you are not allowed to mention Obama's middle name.  As I have said, I find Obama's 20 year association with Reverend Wright's CULT variation on Christianity much more disturbing than the idea that Obama was ever a Muslim (for which there appears to be no evidence).  But it would be interesting to know whether "Hussein" is becoming a "popular" middle name among non-Muslims in the U.S. 
P.S.  I think it is easy to overstate the new "popularity" of "Hussein" as a middle name.  It may be the fastest GROWING name, but that is surely from a very low base.  Even conunting only newborns, I doubt that "Hussein" is amongh the most popular middle names, in absolute numbers.  However, the media hysteria over Obama makes you believe it COULD be so.  Would it really surprise you if everly mainstream media reporter gave at least one of his or her children the middle name of "Hussein"?  I didn't think so.  Their worship of Obama is unrestrained.  The only caveat is that part of that media worship is exhibited by a virtual blackout on mention of "Hussein" as Obama's middle name--which obvously is not discouraging a lot of worshippers.

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