Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Texas and the World: I Prefer Texas

Texas executed a "Mexican-born" killer last night, over the objections of Mexico and the so-called Wrold Court--not to mention the request by Presdent Bush for a "reviw" of this case, and the cases of Mexican citizens on death row in Texas.  The only disgrace ere is that it took 15 years to execute this man--allthough that is hardly the fault of Texas. 

This illustrates why I am OFTEN proud to live in Texas (more often, I venture to guess, than Michelle Obama is prooud to live in the U.S.A.).  How can you think badly of a state willing to thumb its nose at Mexico, the World Court, AND President Bush--all in one night.  This is not to mention doing JUSTICE to a family devastated lby a killer.  Is it any woneder that Texas prefers the "Governor Bush" who routinely signed death warrants for killers ("I can onlyu execute them once" being his response as to why he opposed supid "hate crime" legislation supposedly inspired by the dragging death of an African-American).  Texas prefers that "Governor Bush" to the "President Bush" who routinely toadies to the wishes of Mexico, and sabotages conservatives at every domestic turn. 

Yes, I prefer to be a Texan rather than a "citizen of the world".  The people opposed to this execution again used the Obama ("I am a citizen of the world") argument that the world is going to think worse of us, and maybe treat Americans badly.  Living here on the Mexican border (El Paso), I can assure you that you had better be prepared to BRIBE people if you get in trouble in Mexico.

Nope.  I prefer to be a citizen of Texas and the U.S.A., and not worry about the "world".  Barck "World" Obama obviously believes the opposite, which is how he EARNED the nickname.

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